Poisonous Toxins, Chemicals, Substances, and Food

The accidental poisoning of your dog or cat is the ultimate nightmare for any pet owner. The reality is that household pets live in close proximity to an astonishing amount of poisonous substances. It’s all too common and easy for your pet to ingest the wrong thing. Animal ER Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado, provides fast, responsive treatment of toxin, chemical, and food poisoning to save your pet’s life.

Poisons and Toxins
A poison is defined as any substance that causes harm to an animal, if ingested. A toxin is a specific type of poison produced by plants or animals. A wide range of plants, foods, drinks, and household substances can induce vomiting, diarrhea, and other common symptoms of poisoning.

Garden Plants and Flowers
Certain plants look lovely but are toxic to animals. These plants include:

• Lillies • Chrysanthemums • Daffodils • Dieffenbachia • Sago Palms