What To Expect When Receiving Medical Care From Us

At Animal ER Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado, your pet’s health and happiness are our number-one concerns. We strive to ensure every patient is comfortable during their stay in our facility. Our staff provides superior services and is compassionate and professional. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands when you come to us for all of your dog, cat, exotic animal, or bird emergency needs.

Phone Call

Our friendly staff member will obtain a brief explanation of the situation during the initial call to determine if your pet needs immediate care. For accidental poisoning, we may refer you to animal poison control first. Be sure to record the case number and give it to us so we can refer back to poison control.


A member of our staff will greet you upon arrival. You will then fill out paperwork and provide a brief history of your pet’s condition so we can determine the urgency of the situation. You will return the completed paperwork to us so we can enter your pet in our database.


Your pet will be triaged, or prioritized, depending on the seriousness of their condition. Critical cases are immediately taken to the treatment area while others must wait until an exam room is available. You will be escorted to an exam room when it’s your turn so the veterinarian can assess your pet.

Exam Room

Our client advocate will take your pet’s vital signs and obtain additional medical history upon your arrival in the exam room. All information is relayed to the veterinarian; however, the doctor will ask for a more detailed history prior to performing an examination. The examination consists of the following:

  • Assessment Of Weight and Pain
  • Auscultating (Listening To) the Heart and Lungs
  • Palpation Of the Abdomen and Limbs
  • Inspecting the Eyes, Ears, Teeth, and Gums

Medical Care Plan

After finishing the examination, our veterinarian will leave to create a medical care plan. This plan outlines the recommended medical treatment of your pet and all costs associated with services. Our client advocate will review the plan with you and answer any questions. Once you are satisfied with the intended course of care, you will sign the medical care plan stating you approve of all or partial care for your pet. You will be asked if we should perform CPR in the event your pet goes into cardiac arrest.


Diagnostic testing and imaging is an essential component of your pet’s medical care. We use laboratory test, x-ray, and ultrasound results to diagnose conditions and determine treatment. They are also used to evaluate treatment progress.


After all paperwork is signed, we will escort your pet to the treatment area or ICU if they’re not already there. If you would like to see these areas, just ask. Please stop at the front desk to leave a deposit for medical expenses.


The ICU is a place of rest and recovery. All cages are heated and your pet will be given blankets, towels, pillows, and stuffed animals to make them as comfortable as possible.

Hours and Payment

Our office is open unique hours during the week, every weekend, and all major holidays. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and CareCredit patient plans as payment methods. Tours of our facility are welcome.