Urgent and Critical Care for Your Pet's Ailments

Animal ER Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado, provides critical care services when your pet is suffering from pain, illness or discomfort, or has been injured in an accident. We utilize the best technology and advanced systems to diagnose and correct ailments such as broken bones, intestinal problems, lacerations, and more. Your pet's health is our top priority.


You know your pet the best and can identify if they are in distress or their behavior has changed. If you are unsure what the problem is, come to us. We provide full diagnostic services, including blood work, radiographs, and ultrasounds.

  • Such a nice place. Vet and vet assistant's were top notch. As were the receptionists. The vet was especially good at calming my lil nervous pup. The news I got was heart breaking. And they were all so compassionate. Also had my 6 year old daughter there with me. There were toys drinks and snacks to keep her at bay. I will definitely go here again for my future fur babies.

    Erica H. Avatar
    Erica H.
  • Coal was handled very nicely even though he was not always cooperative. Everything about his exam and treatment was explained. We were satisfied with findings and results. He improved a lot during observation period. That was comforting! Staff very pleasant. Facility attractive, clean. The extras of treats and blankets and drinks for owners is going beyond. Thanks for everything!

    Joanne P. Avatar
    Joanne P.
  • Great experience. Have been here twice for emergencies and was super impressed by the staff and treatment. We just had a minor emergency and called to see if we needed to bring our dog in and they advised us over the phone. Really put us at ease! Thank you to the receptionist and Dr. that was on shift tonight.

    Matt H. Avatar
    Matt H.
  • Our 14 yo Norfolk Terrier went into congestive heart failure as we visited Colorado Springs. We were offered a treatment plan that was affordable but his prognosis was poor. We trusted this place to help us as we decided to have our pet euthanized. Sad sad but the compassion we were shown and the support was exemplary. Wonderful staff.

    Charlene g. Avatar
    Charlene g.
  • We recently had to come here for emergency care for our Husky. Unfortunately we had no choice but to put our beloved Dante down. However, we greatly appreciate how caring and professional they are. Very honest and caring veterinarians here. It is worth the time and money considering there are a lot of untrustworthy veterinarians anymore. I highly recommend this ER for pets.

    Buckeye C. Avatar
    Buckeye C.

Abrasion Treatment

We provide the right scrape and abrasion treatment to stem heavy bleeding and prevent infection so your pet heals correctly.

Wound Care

We address these concerns with essential wound care for animal bites your pet has suffered.


Caused by a traumatic injury or the rupturing of a malignant tumor, hemoabdomen requires immediate attention so your pet can continue to live a long life.

Poison Ingestion

We provide fast, responsive treatment of toxin, chemical, and food poisoning to save your pet's life.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Your pet's case of vomiting and diarrhea could be the result of an ingested poisonous or toxic agent.

Pericardial Effusion

Relatively uncommon in small animals, pericardial effusion is a life-threatening condition commonly seen in dogs, especially large and giant breeds, and cats.

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