Frequently Asked Questions

At Animal ER Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our compassionate team is here for you and your pet. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about our treatments and services.

How much is an emergency exam?

What happens after the exam?
The doctor will create a medical care plan that will have associated costs for you to determine the best course of treatment for your pet.

What types of animals do you see?
Our doctors are experienced with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, and exotics.

Who do I contact about injured wildlife?
Contact the Wild Forever Foundation at (719) 475-WILD.

Do you treat wildlife?
We do not treat wildlife. However, we will relieve suffering of most wild animals. Please contact us for advice and recommendations for wildlife facilities.

What do I do if I find a lost pet?
Always contact the Human Society of the Pikes Peak Region at (719) 473-1741.

What advice can I receive over the phone?
There is very limited advice we can give over the phone without a current doctor, client, or patient relationship.

Do you refill prescriptions?
We do not routinely refill prescriptions, as we are not a retail pharmacy. Under urgent circumstances, the only medication we will refill is an anticonvulsant. You will need to come in with your pet for a physical exam prior to refilling so we can document a doctor, client, or patient relationship, which is required by pharmacy law and is good medical practice. The exam fee will be discounted in this situation only.

What do I need to bring if I come in for an exam?
Just you and your pet.

What do I do if my pet passes away at home?
You can bring your beloved pet to our facility to have them cremated. We can also make an imprint of your pet’s paw in clay at no charge.

What if I have financial concerns?
We recommend you contact friends or family members to assist you with finances. You can also apply for Care Credit, which is a credit card you can only use for medical reasons for both you and your pet. There is also Harley’s Hope, which may be able to assist with finances if you qualify.  

How often can I call to check up on my pet?
As often as you like.

Is there always a doctor in facility?

Do you provide routine care?
No. We do not have vaccines, and we do not spay or neuter.