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Cuts & Lacerations

Stitching Closes All Heavy Blood Flows From Cuts

When they come into your home and life, all furry, four-legged friends soon become companions and members of the family. When they get cuts and lacerations from an accident or fight, you want to ensure they get fixed up right. Animal ER Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado, provides the right scrape and abrasion treatment to stem heavy bleeding and prevent infection so your pet heals correctly. Our expert care also covers more life-threatening conditions like hemoabdomen.

Heat Stroke and Hyperthermia

Cut and Laceration Care

If your pet is suffering from a large abrasion or even a small scrape, you must take immediate action to stop or at least slow the bleeding. Apply pressure with a clean, thick gauze bandage or cloth. Do not apply any medications or clean the area without consulting our veterinarians first. We will evaluate the wound and use the appropriate medication based on the situation. If the wound is small, you can put a bandage on it, but don't let size fool you. Even small scrapes require professional care since they can get infected too. Remain calm throughout the ordeal and talk soothingly to your pet as you make the trip to our facility so they stay calm.

When To Seek Care

It is particularly important to obtain care for large lacerations, bite wounds, and heavy bleeding. Some large abrasions may require stitches or something similar due to its depth. Any time an injury results in bleeding, seek veterinary care. This will avoid potential risks to your pet's long-term health. Never assume that a small cut is a minor injury since it can still get infected.